Friday, March 10, 2006

Week 6

Summary: We fastend the the hydraulic pump/reservoir into the car. Randy appointed one of the guys from Fluid Concepts to finish the plumbing for the hydraulic system. We ran our lines to the cylinders and hydraulic motor/wheel, then these connected to the hydraulic manifold. Additionaly we attached a pressure regulator to the left/right hydralic valve. The regulator would keep the sideways motion from starting and stopping jerky, to smooth and steady(in the video we are adjusting the pressure to find the best sideways motion). Next we greased up the box steel sleeves to make them slide up and down easier. Then we connected the battery and PRESTO! IT WORKS! Now we just need to do some finishing touches and we will be ready for the expo. More pics and vids coming patient because this thing rocks ^_^


At 4:25 PM, Blogger narcolepticdoc said...

Awesome build.

It seems to take up a lot of room for the hydraulics and especially the drive wheel.

Had you considered using a tracks instead (as in tank tracks). That would let you reduce the height requirement significantly. A powered scissors type jack could be subbed for the hydraulics and run electrically, reducing the space requirement for the jacks and pumping equipment,but it would have to be pretty overbuilt.

I love the video. Puts infiniti to shame.:)


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